Plant Healthcare Program:


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Arborcare is introducing their Plant Healthcare program. This program uses an Integrated Pest Management approach, which means an arborist does not just treat the symptoms, but finds and addresses the underlying cause through monitoring and maintaining. 

Symptoms of an insect or disease affecting your tree can prompt a call to a local arborist. Sometimes the cause is a minor problem that is easily explained and corrected. Other times, the problem is more complex, with several underlying causes and a remedy that requires treatments extending over several years.

Unfortunately, if the problem has gone undetected for so long that the tree cannot be helped, removal may be the only option.

Insect Issues:
You may be noticing holes in the bark of your tree or entire leaves disappearing from the canopy.

Nutrient Deficiencies:
You may be seeing the leaves throughout the canopy of your tree turning yellow or dropping early in the year. Maybe your tree didn’t leaf out the way it normally does in the spring.

You may be noticing odd discoloration in your leaves in one area of the canopy or sap oozing from the trunk.

Root Issues:
You may be noticing the tips of the branches are turning yellow and dying back. You may also be noticing bark falling off the trunk.